Vienna Micro-CT Lab – Core Facility for Micro-Computed Tomography

Djerassiplatz 1, 1030 Vienna, AUSTRIA

The Vienna Micro-CT Lab at the Department of Evolutionary Anthropology is a Core Facility of the University of Vienna. Our collaboration partners are the Center for Pathophysiology, Infectiology and Immunology of the Medical University of Vienna and the Bernhard Gottlieb University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna. Our lab is specialized in high-resolution digitization (micrometer range) of biological, medical, archaeological, art-historical, and technical research objects.

We take inquiries for µ-CT scans of all kinds of objects, e.g., fossils, zoological and botanical samples, osteological probes, archaeological artefacts, music instruments, drilling cores, rock samples, technical components, material samples, etc.

How can I get a µCT-Scan?

Our Viscom X8060 was custom-built according to our needs and can, in contrat to common µ-CT scanners, handle objects in a size range from a pinhead to a human skull. Moreover we have the ability to perform spiral scans. Thus we can scan also elongated objects such as thigh bones or violins. The facility is equipped with a modern digital flat panel detector and a micro focus tube which delivers up to 190kV. This allows to penetrate very dense objects such as fossils or drilling cores. read more –>